eSport activities by Feyernoord

The Feyenoord eSports League is an exciting competition in Rotterdam, where gaming is combined with sporting activities. The eSports activity is an important element, but most of the points can be earned by participating in the sports activities.

Healthy lifestyle

The Feyenoord eSports League is working on awareness and positive behavioral change in the field of nutrition and exercise. Due to digitization, children and young people have less and less time for sports and exercise. Although gaming leads to less exercise, it also brings a lot of benefits. With the Feyenoord eSport League we want to ensure that participants move more in addition to gaming and the intention is that they will eventually even become members of a sports club.

eSports and Exercise

With the Feyenoord eSports League, Feyenoord wants to go a step further by using eSports as a means to increase sports participation with the possible intention of allowing participants to move on to a sports club. Young people can participate in teams. With their own team, FIFA matches on the PlayStation and football league matches are played on location against other teams. During these activities, points can be earned by winning, but more points by participating in sports activities, such as training sessions, workshops, clinics and sports days. The team that collects the most points wins great prizes as champions.


In the first season, the eSports League will focus on young people aged 13, 14 and 15 in South Rotterdam. You don’t have to own your own PlayStation. Feyenoord provides the materials and the activities program that take place in and around the Clubhouse of Feyenoord, on the Afrikaanderplein in Rotterdam.

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