Excellent since 1903!

There are few sports organizations that have such continuity and rich history as HAŠK Mladost. Since 1903, through six different states, through various transformations and changes of the name, HAŠK Mladost represents the sublimation of the best that makes Croatian sport. 44 Olympic medals, succesful sports such as water polo, volleyball, rowing, swimming, athletics and others are the foundation of development and progress in Croatia’s sport.

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HAŠK Mladost

Sports club HAŠK Mladost brings together 29 sports clubs today, three of which are sports clubs for people with disabilities. HAŠK is the builder and owner of the Mladost Sport Park, which was in 1988 praised by awarding the most beautiful European sports park..

It is impossible to mention all the members who have promoted the golden, white and red colours, a combination of Croatian and Olympic ideals, but it should be emphasized that all of them are what we call the spirit of Mladost!

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Hrvatski akademski športski klubovi Mladost Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, continuing on the tradition of the first student sport club H.A.Š.K. founded on November 6th, 1903., has given a huge contribution to organizing and promoting academic sport and Croatian sport in general.

The management of HAŠK Mladost affairs is performed by associated sports clubs through their representatives in the Assembly, the Presidency and other bodies of HAŠK Mladost.

HAŠK Mladost is part of the European Multisport Club Association (EMCA) , and since 2015 has been active in implementing the Erasmus projects with the goal of promoting the importance of sport in various areas of life.