Author: HASK-Mladost_Admin

The FEEL Erasmus+ Sport project aims to exchange the experiences of children and young people around sports. From both clubs (Lazio and HAŠK Mladost) they will train and then on two occasions they will meet and see each other in competitions of four children in wheelchairs and the same number from each side will get down in wheelchairs to play a parabasketball game together in solidarity. The Lazio team will come to Zagreb from September 14 to 17, 2023, during which

On the afternoon of Wednesday, December 14, the final conference of the European project Sport!OP!, in which HAŠK Mladost has been a partner since the beginning of 2020, was held in the Sala Tarafa in Granollers. This project has been developed in framework of the Erasmus+ Sport program and the main objective has been the inclusion of vulnerable young people through the practice of sport. Close to sixty people attended this conference which was used to review the almost 3 years