With the finishing of the school year the HAŠK Mladost pilot program that was done in collaboration with the field hockey club is coming to an end. After nine months of implementation with two practices per week it can for sure be said that the pilot program was good. The quality and success of the program can also be confirmed with the fact that the Primary school Prečko and the field hockey club have agreed for a continuation of the Program

The students at Ivan Meštrović had an APPLE healthy lifestyles presentation. Rowing was the sport used to promote healthy lifestyle at the primary school Ivan Meštrović. The students of the upper classes had a chance to try rowing on the machines. This was a chance for them to see if that might be the right sport for them to continue with healthy lifestyles and improve their overall well being.

The promotion of healthy lifestyles continues in Zagreb. Two primary schools had the pleasure of hosting the field hockey club Mladost presentations. Healthy lifestyle was presented in primary schools Alojzije Stepinac and Matija Gubec to all interested children. The basics of hockey were shown to the kids and the benefits of doing sport were presented, with a special concentration on how sport helps in development and socializing and making friends.

Project APPLE was a tool that helped the hockey club establish a lasting connection with the primary school Prečko. After the initial presentations of the APPLE healthy lifestyles project a collaboration between the field hockey club and the school was established. The club managed to enter the school program as to offer hockey classes two times a week as an extracurricular activity. Both the club and the headmaster see this collaboration as a way to offer kids something new in a known

The activities of the HAŠK Mladost Sport!Op! pilot program are in full swing. The field hockey section has been providing the pilot program in the primary school Prečko regularly two times a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays, since October. The interest of the kids has been good with more girls joining than boys. The fact that there are more girls is expected as one of the findings from the needs assessment have been that there are a lack of activities for them. The

Through the local needs assessment, it was recognised that in the western part of the city of Zagreb there is little on offer for kids who want to do sports. The only thing available is football, which targets mainly boys. The problems arising from this lack of sport offer are: Exclusion from sport of a substantial part of the child population who are not interested in football Exclusion of kids whose parents don’t have the time, or the means to take them

HAŠK Mladost started the school events in the primary school Prečko. The coaches from the field hockey club that followed the seminars presented their sport but also talked to the kids about leading a healthy lifestyle. The kids enjoyed trying out a new sport and discovering their talent. There is an initiative by the coaches and the headmaster of the school to add hockey to the extracurricular program after school lessons.

On 21st February two of ours Legends Forever ambassadors meet on the game of their home team. Perica Bukić and Norbert Madaras did meet in Zagreb during the LEN Euro League that played HAVK Mladost from Zagreb, Croatia against Ferencvaros from Hungary. It was our honour to meet with these two Water polo legends that are now one of the main people in their national Water Polo world as the part of Executive director in Croatian Water Polo Federation and as