eSport activities by Aalborg

Activity 1

We made a local tournament for boys and girls in the age of 8-16, were they could compete in FIFA 2022 along side with the local football stars. They had the opportunity to qualify for the grand final later that year. The Final would be held at the local stadion on a match day where the final would be shown to the audience of the football match. It was an esports activity only as there were no room or time for physical activities. The activity was done by AaB esport, AaB A/S and Spard Nord in collaboration. We had a film crew do a nice little movie.

Activity 2

The grand final was held at Aalborg stadium were the finalists would go head to head. The match was showed before the main football match on large televisions on the stadium.

Activity 3

We made a sports school where kids in all ages could sign up for two days of esports and regular sports. We combined the normal football and floorball with a FIFA 2022 activity. The the kids could try mixing the different sports and see what the different activities did. This was held in a holiday, so everybody had a chance to get something done in the vacation.

Activity 4

We had a meeting in the EU project were the other clubs could come visit us and see our facilities. It was a nice day were we had our CSGO members playing matches online, LOL players training and FIFA players had a casual FIFA 2022 tournament. The day was crowned of by a visit by the danish culture minister Ane-Haelboe Jørgense (see picture) All esports athletes could warm up with blaze podz og jabiis for physical activities.

Activity 5

We participate in and host a CS:GO league for many clubs in north jutland. Kids from the ages 10-16 can participate. This was the semi finales and the grand final will be 03/12/22 @ AaB esport. The kids could use the main gym for warming up, with football, floorball, Jabiis og Blazepodz. Fun day with around 25 people.