Sport!Op! partners meet up in Zagreb

The partners of the Sport!Op! project held a two day meeting in Zagreb.

The first full working day was defecated to following up on all the activities done on the project where each of the partners presented their Local pilot programes and how they were implemented.

After that the University of Barcelona took center stage with two workshops. The first was connected to the chart for the systemic review of the Pilot program which all of the partners had to fill. The input received from partners was presented in a table which was used to facilitate discussions on different partners perceptions, practices, opportunities and suggestions about “what works” when using sport as a tool to promote social inclusion. The discussion was done through smaller work-groups and generated a wide range of input that will be used by the UB team to create the handbook.

Ramon Crespo from the UB team explained the “Children Evaluation report” survey which is based on the rubrics presented at the meeting in Sarajevo. Since all of the partners are organisations of a different type and during the meetings a lot of different points of view on sport as a tool for developing life skills were expressed another small workshops was done where each of the partners had to determine in which category do their usual sport activities fall into as to better develop the categories for “Children Evaluation report

Finlay the financial and administrative points were discussed.

On the second day a visit to the primary school Prečko was organised where the partners could see the activities that are done by the Mladost hockey club. On this occasion the school headmaster of the school was presented with a certificate of participation in the project.