On April 23rd, 2023, the project “STAY! DECREASING TEENAGE DROPOUT IN SPORT” held its inaugural online kick-off meeting with all partners in attendance. During the meeting, initial deliverables were presented, and an overview of the project’s objectives and tasks scheduled for completion during the Preparation phase was outlined.

Preparation Phase Accomplishments

Before the kick-off meeting, several key actions were taken to establish a solid foundation for the project’s success:

  • Individual Meetings: HAŠK Mladost, the project’s coordinator, conducted individual meetings with each partner to craft initial deliverables that set up the project’s operational framework and communication protocols.
  • D1.1 Quality Management System: Outlines internal standards and recommendations for project management, including processes for document checks, content quality assessment, and compliance with project and EU regulations.
  • D1.2 Project Roadmap: Offers a practical guide for streamlined project management, fostering efficient communication and collaboration among team members.
  • D4.1 Communication and Dissemination Guidelines: Provides a strategy for communicating and disseminating project outcomes, engaging with target audiences, and maximizing impact.

The kick-off meeting marked an important milestone, setting the stage for the successful implementation of the project’s goals and objectives. The project’s launch and preparation phases laid the groundwork for subsequent activities, including fostering collaboration, ensuring smooth project management, and optimizing communication with target audiences.