eSport activities by HAŠK Mladost

Five trainings held with members of e-gaming section – mostly fencing, held Nov 22, 24 and Dec 13, 15 and 20. Collaboration continued in 2023, until late February 3 trainings were held. Altogether 25 gamers involved in physical sports.
The organisation we cooperated with, which with time, might become a section of our multisport club, is ‘Društvo za promicanje virtualnog nogomet PES ekspert’ and its president, whom you met is Luka.
Sections from the side of HAŠK that were involved are: water polo, fencing & field hockey.

Dissemination events

8 June 2022 – Assembly of HAŠK Mladost – 28 participants
7 December 2022 – Presidency of HAŠK Mladost – 18 participants
20 December 2022 – older e-gaming section members visit fencing 10 e-sport section and 26 fencers