SONAR Meeting in Oslo, Norway

On March 8th, the partners of the SONAR project had a meeting in Oslo, Norway.

The meeting was hosted by the home partner – the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences in Oslo, one of the 4 European universities participating in this project. They gathered to discuss the progress made in Work Package 2 and to plan the next steps for Work Package 3.

Work Package 2 has focused on gathering information on best practices in current injury prevention protocols and identifying gaps in existing strategies.

Work Package 3 builds on the progress made in Work Package 2 by developing resources that can be used by coaches, athletes, and parents to prevent sports injuries in youth sports. The partners discussed and agreed on the best approaches to achieve this goal.

The focus of the gathering was on integrating these findings into the development of the Umbrella Tool.

Subsequently, the consortium debated the future educational tools that the sports entities associated with SONAR Injuries will receive and that must be developed, reviewing other European experiences and the conceptual approach.

The next meeting will be in June 2023 in Sofia (Bulgaria), where, apart from the consortium meeting, the content of the future pilot that the sports entities will carry out in the 2023-2024 season will be presented.