Online Meeting for partners of the EDoC Project

Last Thursday, 25th July, the European Day Of Care Partners organised an online meeting, in order to organise the next steps of the project, co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the EU, and solve the latest pending doubts.

In particular, all the Multisport Clubs involved were able to efficiently divide their tasks, in particular regarding the actual implementation of the EDoC for our #LegendsForever. Here are the outcomes of the conversation:

All five partners continue to post an article weekly about athletes that have been able to create a second career for themselves after their sports career. This week Monday the story will be about the Croatian ex-swimmer, Gordan Kožulj.

Regarding the actual Day of care each partner will proceed with the following:

Lazio Basket will implement a three day university course in collaboration with the European University of Rome which will be followed by a three-month internship in the Lazio Multisport Club structure.

Fundacao Sporting will organise specific workshops and a career day, with the participation of representatives from the academic institutions and successful ex-athletes.

Tampereen Pyrinto, HASK Mladost and Ferencvaros will all be hosting a Career Day, with the participation of successful ex-athletes and representatives from sport institutions and universities, to help athletes to choose the right paths for themselves.

Moreover, the interim-meeting was officially scheduled: on 16-18 October 2019 partners will meet in Lisbon for new gathering organised by Fundacao Sporting.