Kick off meeting – Brussels, Belgium

On the 27nd of January 2024, the kickoff meeting was held in Brussels, Belgium, hosted by the European Multiclub Sport Association. The aim was to gather all project partners to determine the project’s direction, establish a framework for practical task implementation, and ensure a collaborative and productive environment for digital solution development.

The meeting began with an overview of the project, including discussions on work packages, timelines, task overviews, and reporting procedures. Subsequently, attention shifted to communication and dissemination strategies, where guidelines, the project image guidebook, and social media plans were thoroughly discussed.

Following this, the focus transitioned to the preparation and development phase. A workshop was conducted, addressing the collection of information from target groups for digital solution development, and concentrated on the actual development of the digital solution. As a result of the workshop, six different personas representing potential positive and negative users of the digital solution were created and described.