SONAR Training Sessions

Sant Cugat Creix partners kindly hosted the training sessions at the High Performance Center in Sant Cugat del Vallès. These sessions intended to train experts in gathering information from coaches, athletes and parents on best practices and perceived barriers in injury prevention protocols and their implementation.

Training leaders from Amsterdam (AUMC) recommended the use of two main tools (focus groups with coaches and questionnaires for athletes, parents and coaches). The two sessions held in Sant Cugat focused on defining how to conduct the focus group sessions and coordinating and translating the questionnaires and interviews with coaches, athletes and parents into the local language.

The first work session, during October 20th, took place at the High Performance Center (CAR) with a focus on determining how to conduct the sessions with the coaches. These should be used to identify the barriers, facilitators, beliefs, gender inequality and needs in relation to the goals of the SONAR programme. Besides this, Francesc Carroll, Sports Councilor of the City Council, welcomed the participants and offered a guided tour of its magnificent facilities.

During the second session, October 21st, that took place at Hotel Sant Cugat, they intended to develop and translate questionnaires and interviews for athletes and families. These tools should aim at identifying perceptions, attitudes and, beliefs regarding injury prevention and the most appropriate communication channels of young athletes and their parents.