EDOC first multiplier sport event held by HAŠK Mladost

The event “Sport and students – how to harmonize studying with sport?” was held at the University of Zagreb fair. The fair is organized annually as a way to promote different sections of the university to future students.

HAŠK Mladost used this event to get to the athletes that are going to become students next year and face the challenges of balancing their sport and academic careers.

The main goal of the event was to give advice to student-athletes on how to face these challenges. The HAŠK Mladost team started the event by presenting the project and explaining the basic rights successful athletes have during their studies at the Universities in Croatia, which can greatly help them balance their responsibilities. One of the presenter Romana Caput Jougnica has been working on the topic of dual careers for a long time and had a great interactive presentation on the topic of dual careers. Mate Vukšić from the Zagreb University Sport Federation presented their organisation and all the events they organise for student-athletes.