EDoC at the European week of sport

HAŠK Mladost is a long-time partner of the Croatian European Week of Sport organised by the Croatian state office for sport. It has become a tradition that HAŠK presents its projects and activities at these events.

At the beginning of the event after the official opening, the Croatian Prime minister came to the HAŠK Mladost booth where he was presented with all the Erasmus + project HAŠK is currently working on including EDoC.

After that the HAŠK Mladost team presented the project and the main goal of helping athletes in harmonizing their sport career with their studies and work. Perica Bukić, water polo player and the Executive Director of the Croatian water polo federation (one of the Legends featured in our Legend stories) accompanied by Marijan Kustić the Executive Director of the Croatian football federation talked to the athletes that were present at the EWoS event. He shared his experiences with the dual career and gave advice to the athletes.