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DiaPS Diabetes digital peer s(up)port

project start date: 01.11.2023.

project end date: 30.04.2026.

Project partners

HAŠK Mladost

Project coordinator / Croatia

Project partner / Germany

Project partner / referent point for diabetes in Europe

Project partner / Belgium

Project partner / Germany

Project partner / Spain

Project description

In this second part of the Sports&Diabetes journey the idea is to create a digital solution where knowledge and experiences of doing sport with diabetes can be found and shared. Athletes living with diabetes more often than other athletes find themselves in situations where they can potentially give up on sport. Practicing a sport and managing everyday life can be hard on everybody but people living with T1D have to make approximately 180 more decisions daily then other people.

This digital community would help with making some of these decisions and be a place where people with diabetes, coaches, parents, and experts from the fields of diabetes, sport, medicine, nutrition… could offer peer support: meet, share and get knowledge, experience, tips&tricks, help with problems and answer specific questions to help with encouraging and keeping people living with diabetes in sport.

The goal is to offer a tool where they can seek the knowledge on their own, finding the basic and additional resources on doing sport with diabetes, but also share the knowledge in between.

As this digital solution is going to be really user specific the goal is also to create a best practice-example and then providing a toolkit for other stakeholders, the project will contribute to spread the adoption of user-cantered design techniques.

The toolkit would be a collection of steps, good practices and recommendations how sport clubs, sport umbrella organisations, as well as diabetes organisations and other NGOs can address the development of user specific digital solutions while also addressing taking ownership and sustainability of the solution after the project ends.

In other words, the strategy has the potential to make a real impact on the diabetes and sports communities, by promoting the adoption of user-cantered design techniques and facilitating the development of more effective digital solutions that can help people with diabetes participate in sports safely and with confidence.

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To create a digital community where knowledge and experiences about doing sports with diabetes can be found and shared


Make it easier for people living with diabetes to make decisions when engaging in sports activities


By creating a digital solution focused on users with the aim of creating a digital community


Read and find everything about the project on the project website:


Vodič o bavljenju sportom s dijabetesom tipa 1. Vodič je napravljen za sve koje zanima tema sporta i dijabetesea, posebno za trenere i profesore tjelesnog, sportaše s dijabetesom i njihove roditelje.


Stip za djecu s dijabetesom o bavljenju sportom s dijabetesom tipa 1. Strip je napravljen za sportaše do 12 godina s dijabetesom i njihove roditelje.


Dodatne tablice za pomoć u individualizaciji bavljenja sportom i života s dijabetesom tipa 1. Tablice su napravljene za sportaše s dijabetesom i njihove roditelje.


U Tips&Trick dio su savjeti iz prakse sportaša s dijabetesom o bavljenju sportom s dijabetesom tipa 1.