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Sport and Support

project start date: 01.01.2015

project end date: 30.06.2016

Project Partners

Project coordinator / Italy


Project partner / Croatia

Project partner / Hungary

Project partner / Bulgaria

Project partner / France

Project partner / Greece

Project partner / Cipar

Project partner / Portugal

Project partner / England

Project partner / Denmark

Project partner / Belgium

Project partner / Italy

Partner project / Serbia

Partner project /Montenegro

Project Description

“Sport & Support” was the first project for clubs members of the European Multisport clubs Association co-financed by the European Union Erasmus +. It lasted 18 months.

The idea of the project was to use the knowledge and experience of multi-sport clubs to promote the Olympic spirit among their fans. Through specific sporting events and school visits, the aim was to promote volunteer activities in sport, together with social inclusion and raising awareness of the importance of physical activity in maintaining health.


The manipulation of sports through sports betting poses the greatest threat to the integrity of sports.


Gaming is ok, but there must be a balance between physical Sport, eSports, Study, Sleep and Social activities.

eSport Community League

Belonging to Mladost means belonging to a family.

Big, branched, diverse. Records and results are not on the first place, even today, when everything is based on success, on marketing promotion, and a a prominent place in the media.

Vilko Luncer

Change your mind Coach

The European Union’s fundamental values are respect for human dignity and human rights, freedom, democracy, equality and the rule of law.

European Day of Care

European Day of Care aims at giving professional athletes the best chance at winning in their post athletic career and professional lives.

Sports & Diabetes

We want to spread a positive message that people living with diabetes should be given the same opportunity to pursue their dreams, be it in schools, at work, or in the area of physical activity, but more importantly people with diabetes can enjoy their lives to the fullest as any other person as long as the appropriate measures are taken.

The focus of the project

Promoting ``Sport for all`` with an emphasis on HEPA and ``SOCIAL APPROACH``


Engaging members of the public in sport and social activities of the partner clubs


Organised sport events in schools promoting different disciplines of the multisport clubs, as well as through Multisport open-door events in clubs

News from the project

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