This project aims at promoting the female presence in field hockey. It addresses a very important European policy, that is to say gender equality between men and women. The “General Gender Equality in Sport proposal for strategic actions 2014-2020” by the European Commission points out two very important points which this project includes:

  1. These days, many women are still unable to find the right environment to develop their full potential.
  2. Factors within the sport sector itself which can hamper the participation of women.

The project shares a common goal with another important European policy, the “Strategic engagement for gender equality 2016-2019”

i) Increasing female labour-market participation and the equal economic independence of women and men.

The goals of this project are the following:

  1. Making it clear that Field Hockey (an Olympic sport) is not only a “masculine sport” but especially due to its technical aspects such as agility, strategy and skill, it
    is highly compatible with the female body and brain
  2. Creating incentives to encourage more and more women to approach field hockey, such as a dedicated environment to assist and encourage them to pursue field hockey, develop their full potential and overcome social and personal barriers.
  3. Supporting the notion of gender equality between men and women not only as regards the athletes but also from a professional perspective such as equal opportunities for coaching and managerial/executive roles in the framework of field hockey.
  4. Analyse and assess the specific factors in this sport that not only could hamper the participation of women in field hockey, but that also lead those who practice this sport to abandon it at the age of 16-18, in order to reduce this recurring phenomenon.


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